GPU-accelerated micromagnetism

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mumax3 is a GPU-accelerated micromagnetic simulation program developed and maintained at the DyNaMat group at Ghent University.

A speed-up of the order of 100x compared to CPU-based simulations can easily be reached, even with relatively inexpensive gaming GPUs. Additionally, the software is optimized for low memory use and can handle about 16 million FD cells with 2GB of GPU RAM.

Citations and licence

If you use mumax in any work or publication, we kindly ask you to cite:
"The design and verification of mumax3", AIP Advances 4, 107133 (2014).

mumax3 is open-source software. You are free to modify and distribute the source code under the GPLv3 licence.

Web interface showing the spatial magnetization.


web GUI

mumax3 includes a browser-based user interface that lets you follow a running simulation or modify it on-the-fly, be it on your local machine or remotely.

simple scripting

mumax3 provides simple yet powerful input scripting. E.g., the example applies a time-dependent external field to a uniform magnet (FMR experiment).

setgridsize(128, 32, 4)
setcellsize(5e-9, 5e-9, 5e-9)
Msat = 860e3
Aex  = 13e-12
alpha= 0.2
m=uniform(1, 1, 0)

f := 1e9  // 1GHz
A := 0.01 // 10mT
B_ext = vector(0.1, A*sin(2*pi*f*t), 0)

Web interface can view and set parameters on-the-fly.

GPU/driver requirements

Mumax3 is cross-platform and runs on Linux, Windows and Mac platforms. You need an nVIDIA GPU with compute capability 2.0 or higher, as listed here. You also need to use nVIDIA's proprietary graphics driver, which may already be installed on your system. The benchmark below may guide your GPU choice.

Mumax3 GPU perfomance for 2D simulations containing 4 million cells.